Kevin Walker

I’ve always been interested in tattooing ever since I saw my grandfathers tattoos from the 50’s. I’ve spent much of my life doing many different styles of art from oil paintings to restorations of antique cars.

In my early life I used to get thrown out of tattoo shops for trying to get tattooed. I was always told tattooing was not an art form. But I beg to differ. I was 17 when I started tattooing and got an apprenticeship. Wasn’t until the past 8 years that I dove head first into what I now do though. And I haven’t looked back. I love every second that I Tattoo, and every client that adorns a piece of art work from me. My style is more of a traditional style. From bold lines to the bright colors and vivid imagery.

Tattooing itself has a long and rich history and I find myself to be lucky to be apart of that.  I’m thankful for every client that has allowed me to tattoo them and allow me to do the best I can possibly do on them. Without you my clients I wouldn’t be able to do what I love every single day. Thank you.