Taylor Mills

I got started tattooing basically because I’ve always been into skateboarding and heavy metal, which are both very art oriented, so generally, it led me to get tattooed. I got my first tattoo in 1992 and I haven’t stopped since.

I went to Antonelli Institute for commercial art to try to get into designing skateboard graphics or heavy metal band logos. I wound up designing tattoos for people. I first picked up a tattoo machine in 2002, did an apprenticeship in 2003, and started tattooing soon after.

I love getting to use my imagination every day, designing full sleeves, huge back pieces and just fun tattoos. I love tattooing bright bold colors with thick outlines that are meant to stay forever. I love doing skulls and flowers and big Japanese pieces, however I do not turn anything down, unless I know its not going to work as a tattoo. Some of my artistic influences include Tim Burton, Alex Gray, Pushead, John Baizley and many others. Tattooing has become an obsession of mine and I strive to do better and be the best tattooist I can be, which keeps the customers very happy!